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Eric Froment Print

Eric Froment is currently professor of economics and Vice-president of the University Lumière-Lyon 2, France, as well as an advisor for international relations at the French ministry of higher education. Founding President of the European University Association 2001-2005, he was previously chief executive of the French National Conference of Presidents (1998-2001) and treasurer of the Association of European Universities - CRE (1994-1998). At the University of Lyon 2, he was elected dean of the faculty of economics (1973-1977), Vice-president (1978-1981), and President (1991- 1996). Eric Froment received a master's degree in economics and political science from the Université de Lyon, and a doctorate in economics from the Université de la Sorbonne (1971). He has also written in an online publication for casinos. He's a strong advocate for excellence in the online gaming scene. He talks about the logic behind slot games and casino bonuses. All the logistics behind the brilliant work that these people do to keep their establishments going which is more than interesting in this day and age.

Jürgen Kohler Print

Prof. Dr. jur. Jürgen Kohler is professor of private law and civil procedure at Greifswald University, Germany. He was rector of Greifswald University for six years and has participated in various European and national activities and projects related to higher education reform. These have included, inter alia: representative of the German education institutions in the Committee on Higher Education and Research (CD-ESR) of the Council of Europe and member of its Bureau; member of the steering committee of the Institutional Evaluation Programme (IEP) of the EUA; chair of the German Accreditation Council (Akkreditierungsrat); chair of the EUA project Quality Culture I – Implementing Bologna Reforms and of the EUA project European Masters’ New Evaluation Methodology; chair of the Council of Europe project on higher education governance.

Lewis Purser Print

Lewis Purser is director for academic affairs at the Irish Universities Association. From 1998-2005 he was programme manager at the EUA. A graduate of Trinity College Dublin and of the Graduate Institute of Development Studies at the University of Geneva, he worked from 1989-1998 with various higher education institutions in Hungary, Romania and Bosnia-Herzegovina, and with several United Nations agencies in educational, health and social fields.

Lesley Wilson Print

Lesley Wilson joined the EUA at its creation in 2001 and took over as Secretary General in 2002. Previous to this she held a number of senior positions in higher education and research management at European level, in particular as Director of UNESCO’s European Centre for Higher Education in Bucharest (UNESCO-CEPES, 1995–1999), Head of the newly established Science Policy Unit at the European Science Foundation in Strasbourg (1994/1995) and Director of the EC TEMPUS Office in Brussels (1990–1994).

Howard Davies Print

Howard Davies is a London-based independent consultant in higher education policy. For EUA, he has collaborated on the Trends and Master projects and covers developments in the field of professional qualifications. He is a regular participant in EUA’s Institutional Evaluation Programme. He has also undertaken a range of assignments for the European Commission (DGs Education and Culture, Enlargement, Enterprise and Industry, Health and Consumer Affairs). Previously Head of European and Latin American Development at London Metropolitan University, he was responsible for its Brussels office from 2002 until 2007. During this period he was also a UK Bologna Promoter. He has a PhD from University College London.

Gisela Schurings Print

Gisela Schurings is an independent communications consultant based in France. In autumn 2009 she will join the editorial teams of the EUA Bologna and the EUA/ACA Internationalisation of European Higher Education Handbooks. She has wide experience in communications, particularly in the planning, editing and printing of multilingual publications. She has worked in European organizations such as EURYDICE, the EC Tempus Office and the ETF (European Training Foundation), all of which deal with general education, higher education and training at European level. She has a Master from University Bonn.

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