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Froment, Eric Print

Title Prof Dr
Institution University Lumière-Lyon
Position Vice-President of the University Lumière-Lyon 2, France
Country France

Eric Froment is currently professor of economics and Vice-president of the University Lumière-Lyon 2, France, as well as an advisor for international relations at the French ministry of higher education. Founding President of the European University Association 2001-2005, he was previously chief executive of the French National Conference of Presidents (1998-2001) and treasurer of the Association of European Universities - CRE (1994-1998). At the University of Lyon 2, he was elected dean of the faculty of economics (1973-1977), Vice-president (1978-1981), and President (1991- 1996). Eric Froment received a master's degree in economics and political science from the Université de Lyon, and a doctorate in economics from the Université de la Sorbonne (1971).

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