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Web Links Various information about higher education and the Bologna process, its main elements, current trends, projects, discussions, and important documents can be found on the following sites:
  Link   Academic Cooperation Association (ACA)
The Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) is an independent European organisation dedicated to the management, analysis and improvement of education and training co-operation within Europe and between Europe and other parts of the world.
  Link   Bologna process - Bergen Summit
  Link   Bologna process Secretariat
  Link   Council of Europe
The Council of Europe gathers 47 Member States, that is to say the near total of the countries of the European continent.
  Link   Education International
The voice of education workers worldwide
  Link   Europe Unit
"The Europe Unit is a sector-wide body which aims to raise awareness of the European issues affecting UK higher education and to coordinate the UK’s involvement in European initiatives and debates."
  Link   European Association for International Education (EAIE)
EAIE site stimulates and facilitates the exchange of ideas between international educators worldwide.
  Link   European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA)
"ENQA (the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education) disseminates information, experiences and good practices in the field of quality assurance (QA) in higher education to European QA agencies, public authorities and higher educ
  Link   European Association of Conservatoires (AEC)
Website of the European Association of Conservatoires (AEC) on the Effects of the Bologna Declaration on Professional Music Training in Europe
  Link   European Centre for Higher Education
  Link   European Commission
  Link   European Students' Union (ESU)
  Link   European University Association (EUA)
The European University Association (EUA) represents and supports higher education institutions in 46 countries, providing them with a unique forum to cooperate and keep abreast of the latest trends in higher education and research policies.
  Link   Eurydice
The information network on education in Europe
  Link   International Association of Universities
IAU is the UNESCO-based worldwide association of higher education institutions. It brings together institutions and organisations from some 150 countries for reflection and action on common concerns.
  Link   NAFSA - Association of International Educators
NAFSA serves international educators and their institutions and organizations by setting standards of good practice, providing professional development and networking opportunities, and advocating for international education.
  Link   Nordic Seminar Website
  Link   UK Sokrates Erasmus Council

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