Bologna Handbook
Bologna Handbook

Customer's Feedback

“Such exhaustive information especially on the practical aspects of the implementation of Bologna can hardly be found anywhere else.”

JOHANNA WITTE, in: CHECKup 2/2006, p. 5

“I would like to congratulate EUA on a very useful, elaborate and high-level handbook. Both EI and its affiliates have found this to be very useful in our ongoing work on the Bologna Process. It is a very good publication - well-written, comprehensive, and updated in a timely manner. The presentation of the handbook is also very practical, as it is very useful to have the possibility to insert the updates accordingly."

Senior Coordinator Education and Employment, Education International

“Very well! This kind of publication has been necessary for a long time. As far as I know this is the only book on the Bologna process that attempts to give the full picture on what is going on and approaches the process as an ideology not a prescriptive tool, though plenty of hands-on information can be found. If it will not help the universities to change their mindset, I do not know what will. Every academic should read it!"

RAIMONDA MARKEVICIENE, Head of International Programmes and Relations Office,
    National ECTS/DS coordinator; Vilnius University, Lithuania

“I find the EUA Bologna Handbook very useful for the users. It provides an overview of the official side to the process, easily accessible, and it includes references to and articles about all the various practicalities entailed without complicating matters. I must congratulate the editors on the decisions they have made which, I am certain, have not been easy to make, but they have managed to make it easier for the lay reader, by providing articles on the full range of the Bologna process action lines. The EUA Bologna Handbook is a fine tool to give to anyone embarking on the Bologna process or - since we are now in the festive season - to use as a gift for all those co-operation partners around the world who would just like to know what the Bologna process is.”

INGE KNUDSEN, Coimbra Group Office Director

“Excellent – clear and focused. A very good design and layout.”

BRIAN BENNETT, Registrar, Head of Academic Affairs, Senior Management, Institute of Technology Carlow, Ireland

“Especially the structure of the book and the fact that so many different experts to have one's say I appreciate very much. For me Bologna is also in a bigger context very interesting - this handbook provides me with the deep information I like to have about such an important matter as Bologna.”

HEIDE NEGES, Director of quality assurance and organisation of teaching,
Medical University Graz, Austria

“Wonderful to have access to such superb articles to help us sort out definitions, trends and approaches and to feel that we are not alone in the endeavour!”

FAYE BENEDICT, Senior Advisor, Central administration – quality initiatives and evaluation, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway

“The Handbook is very good, necessary and useful. I use it every day for informing on and interpreting of the Bologna process.”

JOLANTA URBANIKOWA, Rector's plenipotentiary for Bologna process,
Bologna promoter, University of Warsaw, Poland

To be continued.