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B 4.7-1 Institutional and Programme approaches to Quality
Name B 4.7-1 Institutional and Programme approaches to Quality
Description Author: Jürgen Kohler

This article describes several approaches to developing quality study programmes and to assessing this quality. It clarifies matters of terminology, introduces the basic categories of quality approaches, and offers a short survey of current practices and contextualities in Europe, before providing an extensive analysis of the key features of these different approaches. These are commonly described either as focusing on programmes – i.e. based on a compliance test or on a fitness of and for purpose methodology – or as focusing on the institution, i.e. on institutional processes geared towards the quality of study programmes. This analysis is followed by close scrutiny of the pros and cons of these quality approaches, including a description of possible options for improvement. The article concludes by pointing out challenges and opportunities in the context of possible future developments in Europe.

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