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C 3.3-2 Implementing ECTS at the University of Cyprus
Name C 3.3-2 Implementing ECTS at the University of Cyprus
Description Author: Elpida Keravnou-Papailiou

The article reports on experience in applying the Bologna reforms at the University of Cyprus, particularly in implementing the ECTS requirements (workload, learning outcomes) to all programmes of study, under all three Bologna cycles, for both transferring and accumulating credits. The ultimate objective is to have a fully-fledged student-centred, learning-oriented education methodology, comprehensively applied to all programmes. The article focuses primarily on the methodology used for implementing the reforms, including the obstacles encountered and how they were overcome or side-stepped. Through the implementation of the reforms, it transpired that the implications of these changes were much more far reaching than could have been initially perceived. The reforms will be fully accepted when the direct benefits of having a transparent and consistent system of learning outcomes and student assessment methods will impact at large on the students themselves, irrespective of any additional benefits from mobility and recognition.

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