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C 4.4-2 Developing the Doctorate
Name C 4.4-2 Developing the Doctorate
Description Authors: Jean Chambaz, Paule Biaudet, Sylvain Collonge

In order to develop as a knowledge-based society, Europe needs to train creative workers to meet new demands in all sectors of the economy and society. The skills required are gained through an experience of research. This leads to the development of a new concept of the doctorate. The core of the doctorate is a professional experience acquired through the management of an original research project in a high quality scientific environment. This should be reinforced by a personalised training plan in order to bring to fruition a professional project and to formalise transferable and specific skills. Universities need to develop doctoral policies in order to implement this new concept of doctorate. Structured doctoral programmes, based around a scientific critical mass, represent an operational response to the implementation of these policies.

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