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B 1.3-1 Higher Education for Democratic Citizenship
Name B 1.3-1 Higher Education for Democratic Citizenship
Description Author: Manja Klemenčič

This article argues that higher education institutions are uniquely placed to make a contribution via democratic citizenship education to sustaining and developing democratic societies. As European higher education systems are becoming not only larger, but also more highly differentiated as to kinds of institutions, programmes, and types of students, it appears that they are also more closely embracing the idea of the ‘full range of purposes of higher education’, of which preparation for life as active citizens in a democratic society is an integral part. The article first presents different notions of democratic citizenship and how these are reflected in the concept of DCE. Next it presents and discusses factors that may underlie the reluctance displayed by some higher education institutions towards a wider and more formal engagement in DCE. Finally, it reviews possible institutional approaches to the integration of DCE into the teaching, research and public service functions.

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