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A 3.2-1 Higher education and the European labour market
Name A 3.2-1 Higher education and the European labour market
Description Author: Ulrich Teichler

A convergent system of higher education is envisaged in Europe, notably to enhance the attractiveness of Europe for students from other parts of the world and to facilitate intra-European mobility. Available statistics and research undertaken suggest that study mobility and international professional mobility are by no means frequent, although more than 10 % of European students are temporarily mobile during their course of study. Temporary student mobility contributes only moderately to general career success, but reinforces both international professional mobility and access to international work assignments in the home country also. The Bologna process appears to have activated a multitude of measures on the part of the higher education institutions to strengthen what might best be called the professional relevance of study – instead of the widely used, fuzzy and misleading term “employability”.

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