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B 3.2-3 Promoting Student Mobility
Name B 3.2-3 Promoting Student Mobility
Description Author: Guido Langouche

The Coimbra Group brings together some of the longest-established research-intensive European universities outside capital cities. Although not created explicitly to foster student mobility among the member universities, the network turned out to be ideally composed for this purpose. Today almost 20% of all European Erasmus students “see” a Coimbra Group university and the universities of the network participate in almost half of all Erasmus Mundus master programmes. Although Coimbra Group membership most often is not the direct determining factor in choosing an Erasmus destination or a partner university for a joint master programme, this membership is believed to have led to a growth process and a resulting subconscious tradition of preferential mobility contacts within the Group. Institutionalised links at the academic level resulting from topical networks and short direct and personal contact lines between the Coimbra Group international offices feed this tradition of being an exceptional Erasmus active network and are also at the origin of several joint mobility initiatives beyond the borders of the European Union.

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